Thursday, April 14, 2011


One unusually warm November afternoon
As I sat outside, enjoying the unexpected warmth of the sun
Mingled with the chill of anticipated winter in the air
A butterfly lit upon my hand
Dark and glorious
Grand, sleek wings of midnight
Proud and luminous -- capturing my every attention
Wounded, struggling to keep its balance
On my skin
Frozen, mesmerized by the lightness and beauty
I held my breath
Time stopped as its presence kissed my soul
My heart longing to heal the injuries sustained
Before exploring my gentle, welcoming world
Cautiously it took one step towards me
Then another in hesitant, fearful retreat
The dance continued for what seemed an eternity
Tempted, I wanted so to stroke those exquisite wings
Bandage the wounds
But reality drew back the offered touch
Which could only harm, no matter the love
Behind it
An icy breeze intruded -- an uninvited guest
Calling my new friend, who just as abruptly
Bid me goodbye
With nothing more than that ephemeral moment
To linger with a bittersweet ache in my memory
To stir and awaken my lonely heart’s emptiness
The skies clouded grey as the frost of the season descended

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