Monday, July 23, 2012


Today's powerful blog is by my friend and fellow writer, Pam Manners.


Words -- meant for life.
Creating life.
In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God
And the Word WAS God.

In the beginning, God spoke the world
Into being,
Bringing life into
Everything began with a word
From the Word.

Words -- meant for:

Words -- meant to:
Show love
Bring joy
Ease pain
Give hope
Convey beauty

But like everything else
We’ve taken and twisted and turned them into
something else entirely.
Crushing others beneath the weight of our hate-filled words
Burning them with the fire set by our own tongues.

Words -- spoken out into the cosmos
Never to return
Reverberating down towards
Generations to come.

Words -- once released from our lips,
They cannot be retrieved,
Like a kite on a string
Caught up by a powerful wind,
Unable to be reeled back in.

Words -- dripping with hatred’s
Poisonous venom.

Words -- they can be stricken from the record,
But not from a heart, mind and soul.

In real life, once uttered,
There is no Edit button to click on
And change them.

Words -- in real life,
They cannot be rewound
And deleted.

Words -- once made ready, aimed and fired at us
They are:

Forever embroidered onto us
Indelibly ingrained within us
Permanently tattooed upon us

Words -- that hurt and maim
Carelessly thrown our way
Like verbal daggers that wound and scar
Slicing deep into our inmost being.

Words -- that bring about death
Like grenades set to explode,
Thoughtlessly dropped into our laps
By those with no regard for us
Or our emotional well-being.

In the beginning -- created for life.
Created by God.
For good.
For OUR good.

Today -- and every day
May you think before you speak.
Choose wisely what you will bring to others with your words:
Joy or sorrow.
Encouragement or despair.
Wisdom or foolishness.
Healing or destruction.
Life or death.

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