Sunday, July 14, 2013

A wise woman builds her house...

Proverbs 14:1:  “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.

How are you building your house today?  Are you carefully and mindfully constructing a strong and secure home brick-by-brick?  Or do you have a sloppy structure tossed together without much thought or planning?  What does this verse even mean?

From a personal perspective, if you view it from your house being your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit, how are you taking care of it?  Are you meals judicious, seeking to fuel your body with healthful foods that create a balance for optimal energy?  Are you exercising regularly and getting enough sleep?  Are you creating time for yourself so that you won’t be on overload 24/7?  

In your daily life, do you use strong foundational bricks of careful caution, practicality and stability in your finances, or do you tear your monetary house down with credit card debt, instant gratification purchases and living outside your means?  Are you saving for the future, putting even a few dollars aside here and there for an emergency fund?  Planning your purchases and shopping wisely from groceries and everyday items to major matters?  Are you giving generously?

What of your home itself?  Are you keeping it clean and open to friends and guests, or do you suffer from C.H.A.O.S. – “can’t have anybody over syndrome”?  Oh, I’m not saying you have to be Miss Perfect in your home, because someone will always probably have a bigger and fancier house, furniture, etc.  But is your home a sanctuary that is clean and orderly and available to be used to minister to others with something as simple as a “Hey, c’mon over for a cup of tea?”  There is such a freedom in being able to extend an invitation without worrying about dishes in the sink, clutter and dirt.  Friends love you for you, so don’t be afraid to have them over.  If you have children, with a ton of toys strewn around, so be it – but create a home that is filled with warmth, love and unencumbered by disorganization and confusion in spirit as well as housekeeping.  A sanctuary where your family and friends (or strangers) walk in and can relax, sit down and mentally/physically be renewed and refreshed?

How are you building your relational home?  The word wise comes from the original Hebrew word chakam, which means skillful, shrewd, subtle and prudent. The word foolish speaks of one who is quarrelsome and licentious.  How are your words, attitude and actions building up or tearing down your marriage?  Each day do you use verbal bricks and mortar to strength and fortify your husband?  Do you have an attitude of respect and honor to him and your relationship?  Or do you tear down with sarcasm, using body language and voice tone to convey your dissatisfaction with him, like little word termites that eat away at the structure until it implodes?  To tear down in Hebrews comes from the word harac, and means to overthrow, break down, pluck, and destroy.  Do you chisel away at your marriage by overthrowing/usurping your husband’s leadership, withholding intimacy, and focusing on all that is wrong rather than celebrating the right moments and seeking them out with eyes of love and expectation of blessing?  Are you building your home and relationship with a positive attitude and bathing your husband, family and home in prayer?  Are you fostering and encouraging the Lord’s presence in your spirit and home?

Most importantly, what are you doing to build up your spiritual house?  Are you going to the Lord each morning to ensure that your day/walk with Him is on the right path?  Asking Him to help you do all the things mentioned to build a strong, loving and Christ-like self and home, where you radiate and reflect the Lord in word, deed and the space around you?  Your heart is Christ’s home – no matter where you are… work, home, community, gym, church, running errands, doing chores… is your home/your heart set securely on the unwavering foundation of Jesus Christ?  

Like the beautiful glow of golden light inside a house viewed from the outside in the darkness of night, be an inviting beacon of His love today.  Take a moment to assemble the best tools and materials to develop yourself, your home, and your relationships that will erect a beautiful monument in your spirit and life to the Lord.  Create a home from inside out that will glorify God and give you a life of peace and joy unsurpassed.

Use this day, wise woman, use it well.

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