Monday, September 16, 2013

Morning Glories in My Garden

This is a photograph I took Saturday of the morning glories that have bloomed in my garden.  I planted them rather late in the season and nothing showed for a long time.  Then, lots of vines but no blossoms... but there was hope!  Now, they burst forth each morning is splendor, but by the days's end they are closing their lovely faces against the sun and that will be the end of their amazingly beautiful lifespan on earth.  

I especially love the early morning time -- particularly when I can sit in my garden and meet with the Lord in the hushed misty stillness before the world awakens.  As Women of Faith speaker and author Marilyn Mehberg calls this time, "Jesus, Tea and Me".  That's it - my tea, my Bible, my journal and Jesus. And if that isn't perfect enough, He brings me flowers.. my Beloved Bridegroom calls forth morning glories for me as we spend time together, just He and I.  Indeed, it is a time in which He shows me His glory, in His natural sanctuary as the birds sing praises and the sun's first rays glimmer against the dewdrops on the blades of emerald grass.  Stunning.

He uses the morning glories to remind me that my prayers, like seeds, sometimes aren't immediately answered.  I have to keep praying and be patient, until eventually His answers will blossom, beautiful and fragrant in accordance with His will and time.  

I am also reminded to embrace all He gives me in a day, because I have no guarantee of tomorrow, and that which is in my past is done forever.  Not dwelling in what has been, or fretting about what may come, I am to be in the moments granted to me here and now, enjoying His blessings and seeking His will.  They are brilliant and abundant... for today.  Like manna, they will be gone by nightfall.  

So many lessons from one fragile yet exquisite flower birthed from a single tiny seed. So many blessings from one big and amazing God.  

I bow in humble adoration.

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