Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's That Scent You're Wearing?

Have you ever walked past someone and caught the slightest trace of their perfume? The aromatic bouquet seems to slowly rise in the air like the smoke from incense until it quietly swirls around your head and tickles your olfactory senses? Often I find myself turning around to see who is wearing it, and may even go up and ask what the person is wearing. I want to know!

I love my fragrances and have my own “signature” scent which I always apply before I leave the house. It’s one of the primary and mandatory accessories of my wardrobe; it matches everything and always fits. While I don’t douse myself with it (or at least I try not to), a little mist in the air here and there does the trick. It makes me feel more feminine and even a bit prettier. I like to think that whenever someone catches a whiff of that particular perfume, they will think of me.

When I read 2 Corinthians 2:15, I wonder…does the fragrance of Christ within me catch the attention of others and make them turn their heads from a pleasant scent encounter? Do they want to know more about it? Without a word, does Christ’s presence in my life make itself know? Does a quiet, gentle and obedient spirit give rise to a delicate aroma? Am I a fetching fragrance of my Lord? Do I rise up into His heavens and please Him?

Or is my behavior, words and attitude more like the stuff which causes God and people to wrinkle their noses as if they’ve just stepped in something not so nice or just driven past a ripe landfill on a hot July afternoon? Haven’t you ever caught yourself saying someone’s attitude stinks? Well, there you go… and no amount of lovely or expensive perfume can camouflage the truth of a foul disposition or a disobedient heart.

Before you leave your house today, be sure to bathe in the Word of God. Don’t leave without a time of prayer with Him. Let Him cover you with the fragrance of Christ that will rise up and envelop you throughout your day, wherever you go. Today, make your life a sweet-smelling offering to the Lord.