Monday, December 17, 2012

Twas the Week Before Christmas Eve

‘Twas the week before Christmas Eve
My nerves are just shot
Seems all in the office
Are stressed out – a LOT

My coworker talks to
Herself all day long
So I plug in my ear buds
To block it with song

The workload is growing
There’s no end in sight
No holiday spirit
Just work morning till night

My tree isn’t up yet
There’s just been no time
At this point all shopping
Must be done online

I’m frazzled and tired
And ready to cry
My hands in my head
I just keep asking why?

Then God gently answers
You’ve crowded out Me
Instead of the manger
It’s the world’s view you see

Come sit here beside Me
I’ll give you some rest
Stop the hustle and bustle
And look at the best

Let that be the focus
This holy of seasons
Remember Christ Jesus
His birth is the reason

So I sat down in silence
And took a deep breath
And focused on Jesus
And there I found rest

Yes, the world still is crazy
In the harried holi-daze
But now I’m much calmer
Relaxing, in praise

Of the Savior who came down
From heaven above
To give me His gift
Unconditional love

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