Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Beginnings

POSTED Thursday, September 6, 2007: My first "blog" entry -- I'm finally in the 21st century! My word today is the Hebrew word tranliterated as "Chayah" (khaw-yaw'), a verb defined as "to live, have life, remain alive, sustain life, live prosperously, live forever, be quickened, be alive, be restored to life or health. What a wonderful word, and how applicable as I begin this blog's "life", as it were. As I share thoughts, ideas, and any insights here, my goal is to have fun, quicken brainstorming, thoughts/ideas with readers, and most importantly to honor and glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that is "blogged"! So does that make this "blogging for Jesus"? :)Chayah!

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