Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meaty Reading

In a post from my Coach Linda Bush blog yesterday (click HERE) I mentioned I was reading Andrew Murray's devotional on John 15 regarding Christ's parable on the Vine and branches.  Well today a friend told me about this website: 


where you can read FOR FREE many wonderful books by classic Christian authors including Murray, Hannah Whitall Smith, Karl Barth, E. M. Bounds and many others.

I am seeking to be "Frugal in '14" this year, but that doesn't mean just saving as much $$$ as possible.  I want to be very careful how I spend my time as well, which is priceless.  Let's face it, in time you might be able to earn millions of dollars, but millions of dollars won't buy you one second more!  Okay, maybe you can hire people to do all your work, but you get my meaning!!!  

As I think about how to achieve my Frugal in '14 goal, one thing I am being very mindful of is the use of my rare moments of down time, which I often use to catch up on my reading.  Instead of spending it on "fluff" (certain magazines, books, mindless internet surfing, TV, etc.) I want to make my time count, especially for eternal value.  This link above to literature that  I call "meaty reading" (as opposed to fluffy sugar-candy spun reading that isn't worth the paper it's written on, including a LOT of fiction so-called "Christian" books out there, but that's a whole 'nuther topic), will give me a lot of great and FREE reading this year.  Please understanding, I'm not saying I won't ever watch a TV program or pick up a magazine... but like choosing the most nutrient dense and healthy foods for my optimal physical health, I want to be sure to select solid food for my brain and spiritual health as well. Frankly, I also want to do everything I can to walk strong and close to Jesus, and something I ask myself often is "How would I feel if Jesus came back today and I was reading this? doing this? watching that?" It's a question that certainly convicts me to spend my time with more of a kingdom-focus!

May I encourage you to select at least six of the books offered, and take a month or two to read each one. I know you won't regret it!  And if you have any recommendations on books that you have found helped you get deeper into your Christian walk, please post your comments here or email me at westudyGodsword@gmail.com.  Just FYI, a current author that I enjoy and recommend is Mark Batterson, and my January book (which is also our book of the month here on this blog) is his newest, "All In".

Thanks and blessings for a day walking close to the Lord, filled with love and laughter! 

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